I'm still counting on you. I will send you a OK message as soon as I'm safe again.

I am sending this position because I'm just entering/leaving a crucial section. In case of any emergency search should start here until there is a more recent position.

You can use the map to locate my real position. This can take up to 20 minutes.

Thanks for looking after me 🙂

Messages go to these persons. Please contact each other to avoid double actions...

  • Gitte Laudage
    Bad Endorf
  • Axel Schmidmeier
  • Werner Götte
    Bad Endorf
  • Thomas Melle
    Bad Endorf
  • Petra Stemmler-Seipp
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Christoph Stemmler
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Try contacting me via phone, Signal or WhatsApp.
    (In case I'm safe and didn't send the OK message call in for a free beer)
  • First contact the others (you'll see a list with the cyan button) and check together what might be wrong.
  • Use the map (scroll down), to track my trip and locate my position.
  • Try to contact me over the map and call for help if not successful (19222)!
  • My GPS coordinates are in the message as well

    Map password (enter below) is


    If my tracker is active it gives you these options:

  • "Karte"
    show my last regular positions on a map
  • "Nachr."
    send a message directly to my tracker device. I will be billed for that!
  • "Orten"
    locate my current position. This can take up to 20 minutes. I will be billed for that, too!
  • Please use messages/location services only in urgent cases and try other options first.