ParaFlightBook - Test mode:

  • max. 10 flights per log
  • max. 5 Google-Maps-API calls per day
  • Synchronization only for drives/USB sticks
  • no automatic updates
  • limited online data usage (i.e.maps)
  • perpetual remindes (Nag Screens)


5 € / Test month oder 30 € for 12 months


  ParaFlightBook - Full mode:

  • unlimited logs/log size (Glider/Hangglider/FCL-JAR)
  • full Google-Maps-API (tracks, maps, thermal maps...)
  • additional Synchronization via PFB, OneDrive & DropBox
  • automatic software, airspace and terrain updates
  • Premium functionality (i.e. XCTracey support)
  • Android app (under development) for mobile access

The Premium membership is not a subscription. There is no automatic prolongation, but you can purchase as many runtime packages as you like. When your runtime volume has expired, your membership status falls back to Basic after some 2 weeks. Your data stays untouched, but you cannot edit or extend it.

Limits for Basic membership


For Basic users, no editing of the logs is possible. The visible data is restricted to 10 entries, and existing logs may be truncated!

Support by mail or phone is restricted to Premium users.

Upgrade von älteren Lizenzen

The lifetime of version 1 (until 1.8.x) has ended in 2022 (like announced on all channels since summer 2022).


Do not try to synchronize logs between 2.x and older versions. Versions 1.x cannot read that data and new information (i.e. from the gear database) might get lost in 2.x!


ParaFlightBook Pro is submitting your account data to our server for these purposes:

    • Check for and download of updates

    • download of offline maps and HGT altitudes

    • download/update of airspace data

    • Synchronization of logs between several places

    • Test and update of license data

We always transfer machine data and IP address, but no further personal data. If you store logs on our server they become encrypted without us having the key. This means that we cannot restore user data even if there is a synchronisation on the PFB server!

The optional synchronization via our server does not mean data backup. For this we recommend the alternative synchronization mechanisms of the software (OneDrive, DropBox, data storage medium...).


In principle, it is possible to install ParaFlightBook Pro on multiple computers and also operate it from multiple USB sticks. However, it is not permitted to share an account so that it can be used by multiple people. To ensure this, we monitor the requests through the program and reserve the right to suspend the premium membership without any right to a refund until clarification is made for online connections through more than 5 devices within a month for the same account to terminate permanently.