ParaFlightBook is supporting numerous flight devices. Note that the grade of functionality depends on the hardware and interfaces. The list is increased continously together with the manufacturers.

Model Flights read Wpt. IGC/KML Wpt. Airsp. Routes 1-Click
IQ Competition/GPS manual
IQ one/+ auto x
IQ Basic / GPS auto x x x x x
Competino/+ auto x x x x x x
Compeo/+ auto x x x x x x
6010 auto x
6015 auto x x x x x
6020, 5020 auto x x x x x x
5030, 6030 auto x x x x x x
Garmin and MLR
MLR 24 auto x x x
Geko, eTrex etc. (ser) auto x x x x
GPSMap 60/76  (USB) auto x x x x
Oregon (USB) Montana (USB) auto x x GPX GPX x
SkyTraxx Flugvario auto x x x x x
SkyTraxx 2.0 / 3.0 auto x x x x x x
Flymaster Avionics
FlyMaster B1 nav auto x x x (x) x
FlyMaster Live/Nav/GPS auto x x x x x
Ascent Minivario auto x
Ascent H1 GPS auto x x x
AircoTec (Support stopped!)
XC-Trainer Serie 3.25 manual x x
XC-Trainer easy manual x x
CoMo/OLC auto x x x x
GH-625 / TCM GPS Sport auto x x x x
Compass Italy


  • fully supported
  • device does not support all program functions
  • indirect (mass storage mode)

Garmin protocols are fully implemented as needed by the supported instruments. Due to the large number of model types which are meant by “Garmin-GPS” there is no guaranteed compatibility; the support of a specific device depends on complete tests on the concrete device. However, the models of a product line (i.e. GPSMap) should be backwards compatible. Until now the following concrete models have been sucessfully tested:

  • Geko 301 (seriell)
  • eTrex Legend C
  • GPSMap 76CSx
  • Oregon 450
All devices which are supported by GPSDump 3.91 or newer can also be integrated directly.